Cabinet Job Descriptions

Those students seeking to deepen their involvement in missions on a weekly basis may apply to join the student cabinet.  This diverse group of students meet weekly to engage in personal prayer and accountability as well as prayer for the world. They also plan our Global Cafe`s as well as other activities which might expose fellow students to missions.  Cabinet members give input into certain operational functions of the center and play an invaluable role in the overall ministry of the student center to the Asbury Community.   

Cabinet Job Descriptions:


The president serves to lead the WGM student
cabinet by facilitating weekly Cabinet meetings
and opening the Sunday evening services.  The 
President will select and establish the theme for the
Cabinet for his/her year of duty.  The president will
assign cabinet members responsibility for group
devotions each Wednesday night.
The president will meet weekly with the Director to
discuss cabinet issues and plan the agenda.
The president will assist other cabinet members with
their duties as needed.  

Vice-President The vice-president's responsibility is quite broad.
Along with the president, the VP will assist other
cabinet members with their duties as needed. The
VP is also required to attend the weekly planning
meeting with the Director to discuss Cabinet issues,
plan the agenda, and fill in where needed.
In the event of the president's absence at either a
Sunday evening meeting or a Cabinet meeting, the
VP will assume the president's responsibilities.

The VP will also represent the WGM student group as a student member of the Great Commission Congress planning committee.
Secretary The secretary is responsible for taking notes
at each cabinet meeting, typing them up, and
presenting them at the following meeting. A
file copy will be given to the Director for archival
purposes and additional copies sent to absentee members.
The secretary will also collect contact info from
each cabinet member prior to summer break &
upon the return to campus.  He/she will distribute
this information to the cabinet and the Directors.
Treasurer The treasurer is responsible to collect an offering
at each Sunday night fellowship to cover the
travel expenses of our guest speakers.  The 
treasurer will document each night's offering; 
write, record, and present a check to the speaker,
and inform the Director when a deposit needs to
be made to the offering checking account and reconcile that account's statements. 
The treasurer will report the balance of the offering and checking account each week at the cabinet meeting.
Music Coordinator The music coordinator is responsible for the worship
portion of each Sunday evening service.  He/she
will select the music and notify the needed musicians
in addition to providing song lyrics by e-mailing the directors prior to the service (preferably 24 hours in advance). The
music coordinator will also set up & tear down the necessary
sound system and notify the Director of any needed
supplies (cords, mics, overhead sheets, etc.)
Prayer Coordinator The Prayer Coordinator (PC) is responsible for the prayer portions of both Global Cafe` and the Wednesday Cabinet meetings.  For Global Cafe, the PC will determine the format for that service's prayer times.  This includes collecting a list
of prayer requests appropriate for the evening's program and selecting individuals responsible to pray for those requests.
For Wednesday evenings, the PC will inform the 
Cabinet of WGM's prayer concerns (published weekly
on the WGM website as the "Lifeline") as well as
record the list of prayer concerns from individual
cabinet members. This is a significant time for the Cabinet to lift up in prayer the missionaries and ministries of World Gospel Mission as well as those concerns of the Student Cabinet family.


This publicist is responsible for creating and printing/posting all forms of publicity, primarily the letter-sized posters which are hung around campus and the announcement slides projected during each week's Global Cafe`. This publicist must gather information pertaining to the particular event and present it in a creative way. 
This publicist will inform the directors of any needs
for supplies such as colored paper, posterboard, 
printer ink, or for digital publishing needs.
This publicist is also responsible for campus awareness of
WGM events through campus e-mails, campus 
network advertisements (PowerPoint slides).
The barista & host/hostess is responsible for developing the
refreshment menu for each Sunday evening fellowship.
In addition to devising the menu, the host/hostess
will shop for supplies, provide receipts to the Director
for reimbursement, prepare the food before the commencement of the evening service, and oversee the
complete clean-up of the food preparation and service areas after everyone has been served.

The barista also monitors the coffee inventory and notifies the directors of which coffees need to be replenished
MK Coordinator The MK Coordinator serves to facilitate care and
communication between the Mission and the WGM
MKs who make Asbury College their home apart from
their families. The MK Coordinator (MKC) will plan events for the WGM MK family as well as remember important dates such as birthdays with individual notes of 
encouragement. The MKC will coordinate with the Member Care representative from headquarters to set up visit times and events when he/she is in town.  The MKC is responsible for communicating with Dr. Gray about her yearly dinner with WGM MKs as long as this tradition continues. The MKC will inform the directors of particular needs among the MK community on campus.
Public Relations The Public Relations member is responsible to greet
and welcome all those who attend a Sunday night
fellowship.  The PR person will record and report a
list of names & e-mail addresses for those present
each Sunday night.  The PR person will also send a
follow-up note to each individual after their first visit.
Once each semester, the PR person will send a 
thank-you mailing to all who attended a meeting
some time during that time period.
The PR rep will post each week's program in the Student Center
Bulletin Board outside of CPO and select the door prize for each week's service.
ASC Representative  The Asbury Student Congress (ASC) Representative will represent the WGM Student Cabinet on the Spiritual Life Branch (SLB) meetings as well as at the annual Leader's Retreat. The Rep will be a voting member and join a SLB and ASC committee of their choosing.
As appropriate, the ASC Rep will report any campus
policy issues which might be of concern to the
WGM student cabinet as well as represent WGM's
interests as a member of Student Congress.
Historian The Historian will be responsible for collecting a digital photo library of events and activities sponsored by the student center for archival purposes.  These photos will be named and appropriately stored on the student center in a timely manner.  Some photos should also be posted on the bulletin board(s) on a rotating system for the benefit of visitors to the student center.  The Historian will also post pictoral and written summaries of WGM events on the student center web page.  The historian will be responsible to attend all WGM extra-curricular events and record them appropriately.
Event Planner Through collaboration from the cabinet at large, the Event Planner (EP) will be responsible for implementing a monthly social event at the student center.  The EP will oversee the set-up and tear down of these events as well as the furniture arrangement for the Sunday night meetings.  The Event Planner will need to provide information in a timely manner to the publicists of upcoming functions.  The EP will also oversee the set-up and acquisition of supplies for the said event (e.g. refreshments for the volleyball tournament, movie night, game night, etc.).  The exception to this responsibility will be the Annual Ski Retreat in which these responsibilities will be specifically delegated to a planning team.
ALL Members are expected to: 1.) attend Wednesday Cabinet meetings & Sunday's fellowships
2.) to attend the annual fall planning retreat (early September), annual missions ski retreat (January) & Cabinet trip to Headquarters (early spring)
3.) support other WGM/Cabinet-sponsored functions

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These job descriptions were updated on 02/20/2008.